Trial Preparation

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Trial Preparation
Cardinal Claim Service’s staff has more that 40 years of experience in preparing cases for trial. A highly mobile unit, the staff can prepare cases on very little notice and to the exact specifications of client attorneys. We provide computer-generated periodic billing itemizing all work performed.

  • Full case review before trial at any location.
  • Strict diary maintenance and follow-up with the courts through all stages of the trial.
  • Prepare and serve subpoenas and documents and follow-up to ensure all records are in court before trial.
  • Locate and prepare witnesses for trial, obtain all statements, photographs, various documents and evidence.
  • Ensure availability of experts, examining physicians and others required for trial.
  • Maintain close communications between all parties to minimize delays and expense.
  • Sufficient staff to handle multiple trials at all courts, including federal.
  • Timely reporting.